Monster & Hero Dolls for the Girls

?Two doll makers will market some new and very different dolls in the form of Monsters and Super Hero’s aimed at increasing young girls’ sense of self esteem and self acceptance.

Doll makers in the U.S. are gearing up to market some new and very different types of dolls for the young girls here. Just as the Internet and social media have had major impacts on the lifestyles of teenagers in the U.S., it appears doll makers have recognized an opportunity to combine new dolls with daring new marketing schemes that will be supported by online videos and other materials. While the innovative marketing of doll toys is not exactly new, using doll marketing aimed at increasing young girls’ sense of self esteem and self acceptance is a new wrinkle in the social fabric.

What might be even more unusual is the use of some imaginative new types of dolls that are far from the cuddly and soft play friends of the past. Instead of pushing baby dolls and stuffed animals for the youngest girls, the new dolls aimed at girl empowerment and social awareness will come in the form of monsters and superhero’s. World-renown toymaker Mattel inc., has announced it will introduce a campaign that is centered on dolls that are supposed to be the teenage kids of famous monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein. The new line will be accordingly be called “Monster High,” and will be the first time Mattel has introduced a new doll line as a completed “set” instead of launching one main doll first, and then rolling out the rest of the doll line and related items.

Mattel will work with Wal-Mart Stores to promote its new Monster High dolls line, and the retail locations where the dolls are sold will be supported with place signs in the toy aisles encouraging young girls to check out an online self-esteem checklist as well as a Monster High video webisode that uses the new dolls in situations centered around the message of self-acceptance and empowerment. Mattel’s new dolls will launch in Wal-Mart Stores in July this summer and the toymaker will also offer free wristbands online that support the campaign. Lori Pantel, Mattel's vice president of global girls marketing, said in a press release, "The initial concept of Monster High is basically a metaphor, a monster metaphor that speaks to everybody, that we all have something we are not confident about, and that is the base of everything we do, all of our marketing and stories to girls for the Monster High line.”

If Mattel’s Monster dolls aren’t a big hit with the young girls, the toymaker behind the successful Bratz, Lalaloopsy and Little Tikes doll lines has an alternative offering coming out in the form of other-worldly super hero dolls. Beginning this August, MGA Entertainment is set to release its new “Novi Stars” line that combines outrageous, other-worldly adventure with some new features never before seen in dolls. The Novi Star dolls are high-tech robots from the future featuring metallic bodies filled with glitter and water; along with internal lights, and they will repeat friendly cosmic phrases in robot-like voices. Just like Mattel’s online component, the MGA doll line will also be supported by a new Novi Star website ( that offers its young visitors interactive storylines and humorous character content aimed at young girls. The Novi Stars site will employ bio pages for each new doll, along with daily blog posts and video blog episodes designed to enhance the fun of the Novi Star doll’s adventures here on planet Earth.


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