Lady Gaga Toy Doll Lawsuit

 MGA Entertainment has slapped a $10 million lawsuit on the pop-star Lady Gaga. Essentially, MGA Entertainment,
the makers of Bratz dolls, proposed to Lady Gaga and her managers a toy doll that would impersonate the singer
by wearing some of the crazy outfits that she wears as well as containing a kind of ‘voice chip’ that would
play snippets of Lady Gaga’s songs. Lady Gaga herself and her managers loved the doll, but had a few revisions
they wanted to make.  First, the wanted to make the doll more ‘supermodel like’. They also wanted give the dolls
eyes a more cat-like look and her lips more pouty and sexy.  They even discussed the possibility of making her
head come off and revealing a bloody stump (this is not set in stone).

Despite the initial excitement at the prototype, Lady Gaga’s managers have put a hold on the manufacturing of the
dolls because of their use of her songs. The main issue is that Gaga’s managers want to wait until next year when
her new album comes out, but MGA wants the dolls to be finalized and released as soon as possible so they are
available for the holiday rush.  MGA gave Gaga’s management a $1 million advance. MGA expects to make $28 million
if the dolls are released for the holidays (10 countries are already on a waiting list for the non-existent dolls),
and Gaga’s managers are impeding this profit.  If the dolls are not approved and manufactured in time, MGA will
lose out on all of the holiday revenue.

Basically, Lady Gaga has been thrown in the middle of a dispute between MGA and Bravado International (her
management company). Bravado International says it is illegitimate to place the lawsuit on the singer when the
issue is clearly between the two companies.  The judge, so far, seems to be taking Lady Gaga’s side by not forcing
Bravado International to accept MGA’s conditions, but the lawsuit is still in procession, the results have yet to
reveal themselves. Hopefully this holiday season Lady Gaga dolls will be available as Christmas presents!


Images courtesy of Adam Freidin, pasukaru76, photogirl7.1

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