Vintage Doll Collecting

?Vintage doll collecting is not just for the rich, as the pursuit of collectible dolls is more about appreciation, passion and enjoyment, than it is about financial rewards.

Collecting vintage dolls is a passionate hobby because any dolls that were made in the past each have very special story to tell, and just looking at them gives you a sense of the past and how people used to live. Although anyone can collect just about any type of doll, the true vintage collectible dolls have such high values these days, it can give people the false impression that all old dolls are very expensive and that doll collecting in general is not an affordable pastime.

This is untrue because doll collecting is not just for the rich. There are many great collectible vintage dolls that cost under $100, and about 90% of the vintage dolls on the market actually cost less than $300. A vintage doll collection really doesn’t have to cost much more than what you’d spend on a modern doll collection.  Only the oldest and rarest dolls are truly expensive, and many people have created great doll collections with very inexpensive dolls. In the vintage category, the highly sought Barbie dolls from the 60’s carry the highest price tags, followed by Blythe dolls, Native American Kachina dolls and old handmade German dolls from Europe. Taking a closer look at some the most popular collectible dolls gives one a better picture of the different values they have today.

People from all walks of life collect dolls, and although it is true that some of the biggest doll collectors are women, not all doll collectors are females. It is true that women doll collectors outnumber the men in the game, but more men are beginning to take an interest in collecting dolls as historical antiques as well as works of art. Many collectors don’t develop their passion for dolls until they reach middle age when they have more time and disposable income to pursue the hobby. Doll collecting is not really a money-making endeavor for most people and one constant in the field of doll collecting is to buy dolls that you will love owning and take time to enjoy them because it can take many years for them to appreciate in value. Maybe your dolls will increase in value over time, and maybe they won't. The pursuit of collectible dolls is more about appreciation, passion and enjoyment, than it is about financial rewards.


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