Frances Wiggins: Love of Dolls Shop

Frances Wiggins is a retired woman with a passion and love for handcrafted dolls. Ever since she was about 20 years old, her love has turned into an obsession of sorts; this obsession has become quite the collection for Frances as well. Shortly after Frances and her husband retired (about six months after to be exact) they decided “they weren’t quite ready to quit working yet.” So, Frances opened up a store downtown to showcase and sell her dolls. 

Frances doesn’t sell just any doll, however. Frances is specifically in the market for traditional, handcrafted baby dolls, such as the iconic Raggedy Ann Dolls. 

Because of modernity and the fast rate at which trends die out, many dolls nowadays are made generically and mass produced, such as Barbie dolls or other cartoon replicas. This modern type of production leads to a less special and less individual experience the child has with the doll. 

Frances is concerned that the art of handcrafting dolls is dying out, but she hopes that her store can reach as many children as possible before the time has run out. Fortunately, there are still people in this world who prefer the handmade to the mass produced. It is these types of people that come and visit Frances in her store for their children to experience the joy of handpicking a doll from a traditional doll shop. 

Frances also has a special type of “adoption nursery” for dolls. This is a special room in her shop that is designed like a nursery and filled with “newborn” dolls for children to come and adopt and hold for the first time in this nursery. It has become one of her top selling items because of the genuine experience it gives the children. Frances says it is just that kind of interaction that keeps her love for the art of handcrafting dolls alive. 



Images courtesy of Adam Freidin, pasukaru76, photogirl7.1

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