Lottie Dolls and Positive Self Image

Toys are not just toys for children, they create an experience for the child in which can have lasting effects on the child's development for the better and for the worse. There is some fear that the unrealistic features, provocative attire and disproportionate body types of dolls such as Barbie or Bratz are having detrimental effects on the self image of young girls around the world. 

To combat this, the brand Lottie has released a new, appropriate doll. The new doll is aimed at girls between the ages of three and nine. The doll is designed to look just how a nine year old girl should. To do this, Lottie designers paired up with professors to figure out what the appropriate body proportions of a healthy nine year old girl should be and designed the doll around these figures. In addition, the 

Lottie dolls are dressed conservatively in cute clothes that are suitable for a nine year old girl to be wearing, such as pink overalls and a white tee shirt. The dolls lack all the sparkles and "bling" that some of the competitors provide, but that is the point. No nine year old girl needs to be walking around in a belly shirt, mini skirt, eyeliner and designer purses. That is the point of Lottie creating these dolls, to show girls that it is alright, even preferable, to be normal and act your age. 

Currently, Lottie dolls are $19.99 and come in characters such as Autumn Leaves Lottie, Spring Celebration Lottie and English Country Garden Lottie.



Images courtesy of Adam Freidin, pasukaru76, photogirl7.1

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