Toy Dolls: What to Know

?Updated versions of old favorites are often the best choice when it comes to choosing toy dolls suitable for very young children to play with today.

There are so many different types of dolls available for sale today that it can be a bit confusing to find the exact type of doll you’re looking for. Toy stores, online retailers and antique shops all sell them, but the prices, features and sizes can make many of them unsuitable as actual toys for young children. Antique collectible versions can cost hundreds of dollars and are usually too fragile and often not realistic enough, or don’t have enough modern features to appeal to young kids today. When you are seeking modern toys for young children today, the choices can range from huge soft stuffed versions to tiny hard plastic robots and action figures.

One of the most popular categories in the genre has always been baby-style toy dolls aimed at little girls. During the past few decades some of the favorites for young girls have been the Strawberry Shortcake models, the Rainbow Brite series of cuddly friends, and the Cabbage Patch Kids line was immensely popular. Everyone knows that the Barbie series was hugely popular as well, but the Barbie line was aimed at slightly older girls and did not really represent baby dolls with their detailed, grown-up physiques and hundreds of detachable accessories.

Today there are still many great toy dolls available for young girls to play with. Many are updated versions of old favorites and some are brand new designs, but there is certainly no shortage of toy dolls suitable for young girls these days as any quick online search will show. The choices include classic baby dolls, collectible dolls and many new models with new and interactive technology that enhance their attraction. Any list of the top toy dolls today will include the latest version of the 30-year-old Cabbage Patch Kids that are new and updated models called the Cabbage Patch Kids Fashionalities that come in 12 different styles including both girl and boy variations.

Dolls licensed by Disney are also great choices today with some of the top choices coming from the Disney Animators Collection and the Disney Princess & Me series. The Animators Collection is composed of dolls developed in conjunction with Disney movie animators that depict toddler princess versions of the popular characters like Cinderella, Aurora, Tiana, Rapunzel, Belle, Pocahontas and Snow White that will cost about $25 at Disney Stores. The Princess & Me series from Disney depict the characters in their original movie forms and allow young girls to re-enact their favorite movie scenes with popular Disney characters like Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Aurora and Cinderella that are all 18 inches tall and feature clothing and other accessories that can be purchased separately. These new versions of old favorites are often the most treasured toy dolls you can purchase for a young girl today.


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